business alliances

Bearing 21 works closely with a number of companies and individuals, supporting its core consulting expertise, in various specialist areas.


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Bearing 21 Virtual Consulting Ltd. creates new opportunities for companies to launch their own business improvement initiatives and get back to basics…..

Through the launch of, companies of all shapes and sizes all over the world now have the ability to launch analysis and business improvement initiatives supported by an online consultancy.

Companies who typically were not able to afford consultants, or thought they were too small to get outsiders in to help, now have the opportunity to source affordable on-line consulting solutions through Read More


Carpedia Consulting assist clients with Sales Revenue and Profit Enhancement Programs
that deliver significant and sustainable bottom line improvements.

Using a wide range of analytical, momentum and capacity building methodologies, which include the change acceleration process, six sigma process optimization methodologies, and several training programs, Carpedia would impact sales process (the way we work), sales systems (the way we measure) as well as attitudinal, behavioural and skills frameworks, to deliver exceptional results with and through the people in the organization.