business services

Analysis and Implementation

Key Services and Capabilities

1.Facilitation of Business Vision and Strategy Development

Bearing 21 uses the following model for analysing and developing the strategic approach for organisations. Within each of these tasks basic tools such as SWOTanalysis, Five Forces, BCG matrix and other facilitation and analysis methodologies are used to craft the business strategy.

2.Organisational Structure and Functional evaluation

Bearing 21 will analyse the effectiveness of current organisation structures evaluating their design and alignment to strategy and their efficiency in regards to span of control, resource allocation and levels of work. Specific assessments can be conducted with individuals to assess their match to roles and level of responsibility within the business.

3.Design and Implementation of Management Reporting and Control Systems

Bearing 21 analyses and implements management reporting and control systems to optimise the alignment and control of the organisations strategy and business objectives. Our goal is to integrate and align all the levels and functions of the business.

4.Balanced Scorecard design, implementation and automation

Bearing 21 designs and implements balanced scorecard frameworks and processes for businesses, adopting the following four dimensional model of measuring organisation strategy.

5.Business Process Re-engineering

Bearing 21 has the capability to re-engineer organisations processes and systems with the objectives of improving productivity and or reducing costs. Our proven approach combines the elements of design, development, implementation and change management.

6.Supervisory Effectiveness Programs

Bearing 21 conducts practical on the floor observations and assessments of supervisory effectiveness as well as having the capability to assess individual competency through psychometric tests and assessment centres. Following the analysis of individual or group needs courses are specifically designed to impact development areas such as time management, people handling skills, meeting skills, problem solving and work assignment. Bearing 21 courses are practical and effective involving both classroom work as well as on the floor coaching.