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Assessment and Performance Management

Key Services and Capabilities

1. Role and Competency Profiling

Bearing 21 partners with organisations in facilitating organisational role definition and competency profiling. Using our comprehensive experience in this regard, coupled with our extensive access to a broad range of competency databases, Human Resources achieves the benefit of coherent and yet easy to use job profiles which will support their recruitment and performance management systems. Bearing 21 also ensures strategic and organisational structure alignment of job roles as well as consistency of role definitions and span of managerial control. Constant consultation, facilitation and verification takes place to ensure both job holder and Human Resources buy-in and sign-off.

2. Psychological Assessment Services

Bearing 21 prides itself on its holistic approach to assessment of individuals, whether it is for recruitment and selection purposes or for individual development reasons. A diagram of this philosophy is shown below:

The premise behind our point of view lies in the necessity to understand three elements of individuals, namely the personality, the competencies and also the aptitude. We therefore ensure
that all assessment batteries follow these principles when they are customised to the level of the assessee (senior management to administrative staff) as well as to budgetary constraints.

Assessment services that are provided are as follows:

  • Computerised assessment (as opposed to paper and pencil) wherever possible.
  • Industry and job related competency assessments (this ensures face validity with assessees)
  • Interviews with all incumbents on the day of the assessment
  • Verbal feedback to the individual on the day of the assessment or alternatively telephonic feedback within 48 hours of the assessment.
  • Verbal feedback and summary report (8 pages) to line management within 48 hours of the assessment.Full comprehensive written report within 5 working days (if this report is requested).

Work sample assessment services that we offer include but are not exhaustive of:

  • Group discussions
  • Coaching interviews
  • Analysis exercises
  • In-baskets
  • Sales simulations
  • Contract negotiation
  • Fact finds

Our assessment division only uses the services of registered psychologists and independent psychometrists so our clients can expect a quality assessment.

3.Management and Leadership development programmes

At Bearing 21 we support organisations in their development philosophy by providing comprehensive management and leadership development programs. These programmes are custom designed and can vary from half-day team building activities to longitudinal leadership development programmes depending on the need. We also offer “intellectual” team building breakaway workshops which deviate from contemporary team building and offer a more conference and debate platform to iron out team discrepancies and mould team synergy. Typically these are supplemented by our assessment services that are specifically aimed at profiling team personality, preferences and styles.

Some of our development interventions have included:

  • Cultural diversity awareness programmes and immersions
  • Emotional intelligence workshops
  • Belbin team profiling
  • Sailing
  • Team problem solving
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Holistic mastery development programmes including personal, team, cultural and business mastery
  • 4x4 team development interventions
  • Archery

4.Performance Management

Bearing 21 has extensive experience in the organisational development through performance management. Our service offering is comprehensive and holistic and can be aligned with existing strategic frameworks such as balanced scorecard and SAP.

Our services include:

  • Productivity reviews
  • Performance management systems
  • Performance based pay systems
  • Balanced scorecard performance management
  • Gain sharing and
  • Quality of service improvement programmes

5.Change Management

Through our experience of change management and communication, Bearing 21 has formulated a clear Change Management implementation model which we utilise to support change interventions within organisations, whether they be IT, HR, Strategic, or Organisational Development based.


Bearing 21 conducts practical, performance based coaching services to its clients. Whether it is the change of job, role, responsibilities, organisational structure, marital or family status, preparation for succession roles, emotional intelligence, or even getting help in managing stress of work-life integration, the coach will facilitate the context of the need to coaching relationship with a holistic understanding of the individual. Coaching sessions are usually integrated with assessment and performance feedback to ensure integration and alignment with other Human Resources practices.

We have found coaching is particularly effective in the circumstances of:

  • Gaps in performance expectations
  • Preparation for the next position – especially moving from operational/ tactical/ technical to strategic/ leadership positions
  • New position or new working environment (work & social integration)
  • Returning from developmental courses and integrating learning back into the current environment
  • Facing a changing environment
  • Fast-track programmes
  • Business Driven Action Learning
  • Career changes
  • Managing difficult relationships – boss/ board/ political issues/ staff
  • Managing work-life balance
  • Orientation to organisational culture
  • Managing emotions

Bearing 21 has a network of professional coaches which amalgamates into more that 1500 collective coaching hours. Furthermore all of our coaches have been through the Bearing 21 accreditation coaching course before being allowed to interface with Bearing 21 clients.
This is over and above any professional and institute registration that these individuals may have.

7.Reward and Remuneration systems

Bearing 21 has over 20 years of experience in reward and remuneration systems. Our service offering includes:

  • Compensation strategy
  • Job evaluation
  • Remuneration surveys
  • Salary structures
  • Incentive schemes
  • Employee benefits policies
  • Structuring of benefits