business APPROACH


Bearing 21 is focussed on providing business and individual performance management solutions to specific markets with the primary goal of enhancing the measurement and delivery of strategic, operational and financial goals of its clients.

Bearing 21 follows a model of “Strategy into Results” in order to determine where opportunities may exist within a business for enhancing individual, team and business performance. The model encompasses a top down approach of determining to what extent the organisation has or requires a vision for its future, definition of its core purpose and a game plan or strategy for achieving the Vision.

Bearing 21 Model of Strategy into Results

The greatest challenge to most organisations is the implementation of its strategy, Bearing 21 analyses and develops performance management solutions to assist the individual, department or business units achieve the required results to support the objectives and strategy of the business.

Typical issues we aim to understand and resolve include:

  • Does the organisation understand the strategy and vision for the business?
  • Is the organisation aligned in its focus and implementation of strategies?
  • Are strategies translated into relevant measures and targets for the business and individuals?
  • Does the organisation and individuals have the right competencies to support the achievement of itsd goals?